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Whether you’re booking car rental services for travelling in PAN INDIA, you can now rent a car in any country through GLOBE CARZ.

We are the one-stop-shop for any type of car rentals near you, be it a luxury car rental or a budget car rental .


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GLOBE CARZ also offers car rental options even to those who prefer to take the backseat and travel in astute luxury with a chauffeur. Local knowledge also counts for a lot when navigating around new cities and our chauffeurs are there to serve your needs.

You can opt for a Chauffeur Driven while booking the car and our driver will come to pick you up, in your desired car at your desired location. Therefore, no more worries about traffic congestions or parking, our Chauffeur Drive service will get you to your destination on time. With GLOBE CARZ Chauffeur Drive, you can relax and let our professional chauffeur take you to wherever you want to go.

Globe now comes in with its own Car fleet to cater to its existing and new clients across the country. Taking the advantage of the existing presence across the country one can book cars through Globe Carz at very competitive prices all through India. We are the one stop shop for any type of car rentals, be it a luxury or a budget car.

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